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The Excellent Security Manager: Several Types of Surveillance Cameras for Outdoor Security

By Micheal kors May 22, 2024

In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology, I believe that everyone can see surveillance cameras in daily life, he is everywhere, all over the city, and even in the countryside, which sounds like a surveillance camera, monitoring people’s every move, but in fact, the role of the camera is not to monitor your every move, but to monitor the dangerous actions of criminals and assist the police to solve the case as soon as possible through the camera’s surveillance network, or When there is a conflict of interest between people, there are outdoor security cameras that can try to calm the anger of both parties, and the surveillance cameras act as a fair “referee”.

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Classifications of Outdoor Cameras

Digital Camera

Our surveillance camera can be divided into several types, among which the digital camera is also widely used, he converts the analog video signal generated by video capture into a digital signal to be stored in the computer, so that the signal captured by the analog camera can be converted into a digital network through a specific device, so that it can be stored in the computer. It can only be converted to a computer after compression. The cameras on the market today are basically digital. By directly capturing the image and transmitting it to the computer, due to cost and other problems, most cameras with USB interfaces are used on the market, which is also very convenient for connecting with the computer to monitor public places in real time. The installation process is very convenient, and it can also take care of the full viewing angle, create a monitoring range without dead angles, and can quickly deployed at multiple points at the same time. Don’t let go of any corner, let the criminals take advantage of it. The lens projects an optical image generated by the scene onto an image sensor. An image sensor changes an optical image into an electrical sign. After analog-to-computerized conversion (A/D), the electrical signal is changed into a digital picture signal. Digital signal handling chips (DSPs) process digital picture signals. The digital image signal is transmitted to a computer via a USB interface for processing, and finally the image is displayed on the display.

Analog Camera

The monitoring system of analog cameras is divided into front-end video collection, terminal transportation processing and back-end display and viewing. This may sound a bit similar to a digital camera. In other words, the analog video signal output at the front end is converted into a digital signal through a certain technology and stored in the computer. The camera is also divided into color and black and white cameras, the general black and white camera is higher than the sensitivity of color, more suitable for use in the place of insufficient light, if the purpose of use is only to monitor the position and movement of the scene, black and white camera can be used; If you want to distinguish the details of the subject being photographed, such as distinguishing the color of clothes and scenery, it is better to use color.

Control the Camera Remotely

Remote control of the camera as the name suggests, is that you can remotely control and control the camera. Explicitly the data collected by video is transported to the network for storage and the video is communicated to the user’s mobile phone or device so that the user can receive video imaging. Such as night vision cameras, the camera can be connected to the Internet through wired or wireless means, and the user can watch videos through wireless Internet access. Users can not only watch the monitored content in real time, but also mobilize the previously monitored content. Even if the user is abroad or in other places, the camera can be connected to the network to achieve remote monitoring.

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In general, there are many types of cameras, and their direct purpose is to monitor, and the places that want to be monitored are of course not to monitor human beings, but to monitor the illegal behavior of lawbreakers, protect the safety of the country’s residents, maintain social security, and protect the whole country from the bad behavior of lawbreakers.

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