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Jeansato is a community blog where you can publish content on Fashion, Beauty & Products etc. We are dedicated to providing information on our blog concerning the fashion trends, beauty, products etc.

Jeansato allows people to use writing as the medium of sharing their ideas in the Guest Posting.

These are our guidelines for guest posting on this site:

Article Length:

A well-researched informative article with over 1500 words should be delivered since it not only makes it interesting to your audience but also competent with search engines. It’s thus important for you to ensure that your article meets this first requirement of ours.


You have to select a topic that falls under our blog in order for your article go live soonest on our blog. For this reason make sure that whatever you write and submit is related to the categories present in our blog.


We ask you to forward us posts which are related with:






-and so on

If blogs fall within these categories, it would be a great resource for our blog. In addition, avoid sending articles that do not match with our topics at all since they may not be published.

Outbound links:

If your contents are relevant then you can also drop two back link to your own blog but we permit only one Do Follow link relevant and pointing towards your blog.

Style/Approach/Format: You must make sure that your articles sound positive and strong. If you want some examples go through already posted articles from

Write for readers:

Your posts should have your own voice and personality conveyed through them. Do remember readers’ category who will read them and keep the writings engaging.

Make your content reader friendly :

When an article is readers friendly it becomes much easier for them to read since your message would be easily conveyed to them. Articles should have headings that relate to the topic, subheadings and important terms should be in bold. Use bullet points when necessary.


When you put visuals in a post you tend to capture your audience fully. Hence, make sure that you add any relevant pictures, infographics and videos with their proper attribution where needed in the article.


No duplicated writeups from other websites should ever be published by you. Such posts will never be accepted. We will remove your article if we find that what you are giving us is plagiarized and it won’t get published as well. We appreciate other’s hard work, and so should you.

How to Submit the Article

Articles can be submitted to us using Microsoft Word Document. You can also send us ideas and pitch before doing so incase you want to write for us.

Contact here:

– Subject: Guest Posting or Advertising

– Topic ideas

– The website you wish to link

Our response is guaranteed once these rules are adhered to.