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Wooden Wall Panels : An Exceptional Wall Treatment To Your Space

wooden wall panelswooden wall panels

Whether your home’s design is modern, rustic, conventional, or trendy, our natural wood panels will surely be a show-stopper. Wood panelling is the best option to transform your space into a haven. We have given you a complete guide to an exceptional wood wall treatment. So stay with us till the end to know everything you must know before buying wall panels in Dubai and installing them in your spot!

Why Should You Install Wall Panels Made of Wood

The following are the reasons why you must consider getting a wooden wall treatment for your spot!:

Aesthetic Appeal:

wooden wall panels add character, rural appeal, and regular excellence to any room. They come in different varieties, surfaces, and gets done, so you can find the ideal board plans to supplement your style.

Sound Absorption:

Wood panelling reduces echo and noise disturbances by acting as an acoustic absorber. Rooms with acoustically reflecting surfaces or large open spaces benefit significantly from this.

Easy Installation:

Compared to other wall coverings, the installation process for many wood panelling solutions is simpler. Hence, they are straightforward to install.


For warm guideline and energy productivity, wood boards are a phenomenal separator. A room’s warm guideline can be improved by protection, making it hotter in the colder time of year and cooler in the late spring.

Low Maintenance:

Wood panels are easy to work with and require nothing like upkeep or cleaning. They may be kept looking good with regular dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning or polishing.


The lifespan and durability of high-quality timber panels are significantly longer than average. Because of their greater longevity than drywall or wallpaper, they are perfect for areas like kitchens and bathrooms that get a lot of foot traffic or are very humid.

Environmental Benefits:

Wood wall panelling is an eco-friendly and long-lasting choice. Reusing or recycling wood panels after use lessens their adverse environmental effects.

Types of Wood Wall Panels

The following are the most famous wooden walls you might consider installing in your homes.

3D Wood Wall Panels

Unlike panels with a uniform arrangement, 3D panels have irregular widths and thicknesses. This provides the entire wall with a distinctive appearance, making it ideal for anyone searching for something unique. Nevertheless, regular dusting is necessary for the offset ledges, and we have challenges maintaining this paneling. The installation of these pre-finished 3D Teak Wood Panels, which measure 12 by 24 inches, is simple and uncomplicated and can be installed in your living room. 

Decorative Interior wood panelling

You can transform your space with a decorative panel made of wood. They will enhance the overall appeal of your spot. The beauty of this panelling treatment is that it can magically transform any space while complementing every interior. So, this is a must-have for your favourite place to upgrade its visual appearance completely.

Vertical Wall Paneling

Vertical wall panels are another residential and commercial wood wall paneling type that can provide a contemporary residence with paneling reminiscent of the 1970s. These panelings are thinner than traditional ones and are made of natural wood, which makes them simpler to install. These pre-finished pieces can be coated with a primer and painted to match your interior design.

Raised Wood Panel Walls

These panels, adorned with rails and moldings, are ideal for creating a raised wood wall. This intricate colonial pattern is well-suited for formal places such as homes and offices. The central panel is made of MDF, a synthetic material, which does not affect its aesthetic appeal. When painted, it seamlessly integrates with the wood.

Beadboard Wood Wall Paneling

A beadboard comprises slender wooden strips connected by a small ridge, commonly called a “bead,” located in the centre. Beadboard is employed explicitly on the lower three or four feet of walls in wainscoting. Walls adorned with chair rails or other forms of wainscoting exhibit an aesthetically pleasing appearance when paired with this. Beadboard wood wall panelling can be installed using different methods, such as installing individual boards or huge sheets with the design on the front. 

Shiplap Wood Wall Paneling

Shiplap is a wooden wall panelling composed of flat boards connected at the edges using rabbet connections. The rabbet design enhances the aesthetic appeal by incorporating small gaps between each board, resulting in a rustic and elegant look. Install shiplap either vertically or horizontally. While shiplap may not be as well-favoured as it once was, it nevertheless holds relevance in the context of a modern home. You can also transform it into a decorative wall panel for your spot.

Board-and-Batten Wood Wall Paneling

The broad planks and slender strips of board-and-batten wooden wall panelling provide the perception of depth. The purpose of these battens is to create a neat and organised look by hiding the seams between the larger boards. You can make any desired appearance by stacking horizontal boards in a grid pattern. This is because board-and-batten layouts do not have predetermined dimensions. Given that board-and-batten walls are rarely preassembled, you will either have to build them on your own or enlist the services of a professional.

How To Upkeep Wood-Made Panels

Hardwood panels need regular upkeep to look good and last. To remove dust and tiny particles, clean the panels periodically with a soft cloth or cleaner. Water and mild soap on a soft towel can properly clean the panels.

Abrasive cleaners and chemicals can damage the wood lustre. Check the walls for dents and scrapes and fix them immediately. Finally, treat or seal the panels regularly to retain their beauty and provide water and damage resistance.


Wood panelling is the most suitable wall treatment for your space. It is affordable and easy to install. However, you can always look for wall panelling services around you to do the job. So, this was all about wood-made panels, but if you have any queries, feel free to ask us!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are wooden wall panels?

Wooden wall panels are ornamental claddings crafted from several wood varieties to augment the aesthetic appeal of indoor walls.

2. What are the benefits of wood wall panels?

Durability, insulation, sound absorption, and environmental benefits are all advantages of wooden wall panels.

3. Are wooden wall panels easy to install?

Many wooden wall panels are easy to install, both DIY and professionally.

4. How to maintain wooden wall panels?

Dusting or cleaning wooden wall panels with a basic detergent and water solution is usually enough.

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