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Smoked Old Fashioned: Ignite Your Senses

smoked old fashionedsmoked old fashioned

The Smoked Old Fashioned drink is a modern version of the standard Old Fashioned, introducing smokiness that gives it more depth and distinctiveness. This article will guide you on the history, the preparation, and other forms of the Smoked Old Fashioned, so that you have enough information to be able to make this stunning cocktail in your own house.

Historical Background of Old Fashioned

Old fashioned has remained in the cocktail world for more than two centuries becoming popular because of its simplicity and elegance. It is a prototype for everything cocktails should be: a perfect amalgamation of spirits, sugar, water, and bitters.

The Transformation into Smoke

Smoking as a technique has been embraced to improve the sensory experience of drinking cocktails. Adding smoke to cocktails especially Old fashioned creates another dimension from aromatic point of view enhancing flavor as well.

Selecting your Whiskey

The choice in whiskey is paramount when creating a Smoked Old Fashioned. The best is robust high-proof bourbon or rye whiskey which can withstand smoky flavors without being overwhelmed by it.

Art of Smoking Cocktails

Smoking cocktails entail infusing them with smoke from burning wood chips or other substances like herbs or spices. This can be done using a smoking gun – which is handheld device where you channel smoke into a glass covered inside by plastic wrap – thereby giving it an awesome smokey taste.

Ingredients for Perfect Smoked Old Fashioned

2 oz bourbon or rye whiskey
1 sugar cube or ½ tsp sugar
2-3 dashes Angostura bitters
Orange peel and maraschino cherry to garnish
Ice Cubes
Wood Chips for Smoking

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make A Smoked Old Fashioned

Put some sugar cube in an old-fashioned glass and saturate with bitters; add little water then muddle till dissolved fully.
Fill glass with ice cubes then pour whisky into it. Stir well to combine and chill.
Use a lid or plastic wrap to cover the glass. For about 30 seconds, utilize a smoking gun carrying wood chips to smoke this drink by directing smoke at it. Take off the cover of the container when the smoke has rested for one more minute.

Garnish with an orange peel and a maraschino cherry. Serve immediately and enjoy the smoky transformation of this classic cocktail.

Glassware and Presentation

The way a Smoked Old Fashioned is presented is as important as the process of making it. A rock glass, also known as an old fashioned glass, is suitable for this drink since it allows you to see inside the drink.

Different versions of Smoked Old Fashioned

Experimenting with various kinds of wood chips (e.g., hickory, applewood or cherry) gives different smoky flavors. Other creative ways that also result in a more smoky profile for instance are smoked simple syrup and smoked ice cubes.

Pairing Suggestions

A smoked old-fashioned complements well with dishes such as grilled steak, barbecue ribs or chocolate dessert rich in flavor thus making it versatile enough choice for any dining occasions.

Hosting A Cocktail Evening

Smoked cocktail evenings are great ways to impress your guests. By offering wood chips selections along with whisky options that could be personalized by each guest; you can create an interactive experience that will be remembered for years.

Mistakes to Avoid

The extravagant mixed drink can be excessively smoky to taste the sensitive kinds of bourbon. Balance is key, so that smokiness complements rather than dominates the drink.

The significance garnishing

Garnishes are not only about beauty but have an important role in enriching the flavor of a cocktail. The orange peel has citrus aroma and cherry sweetness adds flavors which keep smoke on check.

Home Brewed Smoke Infusions

Those without a smoking gun should try lighting a wood chip and placing it under a glass to capture smoke immediately covered with another cocktail glass because this works well as an alternative.


It is therefore evident that Smoked Old Fashioned is not just another drink but more of an experience, beginning with the first whiff of smoke and ending at the complex warmth of whiskey. It’s a throwback with its own modern twist. So go ahead and light those wood chips while pouring generous amounts of whiskey if you want your mouth to explode into fireworks from drinking Smoked Old Fashioned.

Answers to Common Smoked Old Fashioned Questions

Can I use scotch for a Smoked Old Fashioned?

A peaty scotch may be utilized instead, yielding an additional level of smokiness that gives it a completely new dimension.

For how long should I smoke my drink?

Just about 30 seconds will be enough for it to get all smoked up though this can vary according to one’s preference on how smoked they like their cocktails.

What kind of wood chips is best for smoking?

Hickory and applewood are two popular choices due to their strong flavors, however cherry or mesquite might also be used for sweeter, less bitter notes.

Can I smoke my glass instead of my drink?

Sure thing! Smoking the glass before preparing the cocktail can add subtle smokiness that enhances all flavors in your beverage altogether.

Do I need a smoking gun to make smoked drinks?

While using an actual smoking gun is the most straightforward method, you can achieve the same result by using a wood chip, lighter and glass to trap smoke.

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