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Kids Hair Style that are Stylish and Easy to Manage

Kids Hair StyleKids Hair Style

Looking good is not just about what you wear; it all comes down to the whole package including your hair. In the world of kids hair style the options are as limitless as they are imaginative. As a parent you may be overwhelmed by how daunting it is to style your child’s hair but with the right techniques and inspiration grooming becomes an exultant expression of his/her uniqueness. For hair stylists who deal with young clients venturing into kids hair style intricacies unfolds another world where one finds countless avenues for helping a child look decent hence raising their self-esteem

Create a harmony between practicality and panache: from simple plaits to complicated up-dos. When it comes to boys ranging from short and sweet at one end of the spectrum to funky and fresh at the other extreme – this fashion line has much breadth in terms of style. The following guide will feature a number of exciting kids hair style that combine fun with low maintenance requirements so that your child looks sharp throughout playdates school time and everything in between.

Things To Consider Before Choosing A kids hair style

There are a few critical factors worth considering before jumping on the trendiest cut or braid. Let’s take a look at some things parents or stylists should consider before giving their little ones new hairstyles.

Type Of Hair And Its Texture

An appropriate hairstyle choice starts with understanding the nature of your kids hair. Is it fine or thick? Does it curl up naturally or does it go straight as an I? The texture plays an important role in how long any given hairstyle lasts and dictates how much care must be taken along with the products needed to maintain such a texture.

Level Of Maintenance

How much time do you have to maintaining this hairstyle? It will suit busy parents if less effort is required for upkeep. For hairstylists ensuring that the hair can be managed by parents and is age-appropriate for the child is important.

Age-appropriate hairstyles

Some hairstyles may look cute on toddlers but not on preteens. The child’s age needs to be considered when choosing a style that will balance what is fashionable and functional for his/her stage of development.

Personal flair

Each kid has individual preferences that need to be recognized. Do they like their hair up in a ponytail or does it restrain them? How adventurous are kids about trying out new looks?

Trending Boys’ Cuts And Styles

Boy-friendly hairstyles have changed greatly. Here are some of the latest cuts and styles that will make your little man look just as cool as his adult counterparts do.

The Traditional Crew Cut

This timeless favorite combines neatness with cool making it an ideal style for active boys. With short sides and slightly longer top hair this cut is easy to manage and suits almost everybody.

Textured Crop

A crew cut with a twist is a modern take on this style characterized by a textured quiff at the front that gives it a stylish edge which makes it an ideal cut for fashion-forward kids. Layers and texture create a versatile look that can be tamed down or tousled with ease.

The Shaved Design Undercut

For those boys who like to have something unique the undercut side shaved with cool designs cannot miss to turn heads. This style is creative and personalizable while being easy to manage.

The Faux Hawk

Inject playfulness into your child’s hair with the faux hawk. It has short sides in punk style and longer strip of hair running through the middle allowing for creation of high peak or demure crest.

Trendy Cuts & Styles for Girls

Girls’ hairstyles range from practical pigtails to glamorous braids- they offer opportunities for creativity and adaptability. Here are some trendy styles that will make your little girl feel like she’s Cinderella in disguise.

Classic French Braid

Ageless yet sophisticated French braid is as practical as it is pretty. Besides keeping hair neat and tangle-free this way of braiding provides great solutions for girls who love sports activities. Its versatility lies in variations such as side braids and crown braids.

Double Buns

These will bring out her fun spirit; double buns are playful-looking but still so chic because they are very simple to make. Split the hair right down the center before making each section into adorable space buns.

High Ponytail

A young girl’s hairstyle can be made more dramatic just by having a high ponytail. It has such an innocent youthfulness about it that you can add bows ribbons and even scrunchies too.

Princess Braid

One should consider half-up-half-down hairstyles if she wants to look like she belongs in fairytales about princesses regardless how old she is. With flowing curls and a central braid it strikes the right balance between royal and casual.

Unisex Styles

There are certain styles that do not change with time they suit all genders of kids as well as hair types and lengths. Here are a few unisex styles that boys and girls can both wear confidently.

Top Knot

A simple yet stylish top knot is an alternative unisex style for keeping the hair out of their faces. It’s equally fashionable on boys or girls and can be set high up or low on the head.

The Headband Braid

Headband braid is another way to keep hair neat and off the face; this unisex style keeps gaining in popularity. A braid that goes around the head like a headband will add some elegance to any outfit.

Dutch Braid

For either sex a Dutch braid is a stylish functional hairstyle similar to the French one but turned inside out. This approach secures hair well enough so it does not come undone during everyday activities (and vice versa?)

Hair Accessories for Kid

It’s those perfect accessories that will make a simple hairdo very special because sometimes you just want to be pretty in pink! From tough elastics to loud bows–it’s fun all the way until she looks at herself in mirrors.

Bows and ribbons are a must-have for girls of any style they bring color and grace. Choose from a wide array of designs that suit your child’s costume or express their personality.

Headbands and Scrunchies

Headbands made from different materials and of various widths are the fastest and easiest ways to just tie up hair. Those scrunchies that once went out of fashion have now returned making them ideal for casual buns that look messy.

Clips and Pins

Simple clips/ pins can be applied to create intricate styles or add some playfulness to a plain look. On every theme there are clips ranging from flowers to animals.

How to Maintain kids hair style

Caring for a baby’s head is as important as styling it. You might want to read these tips on how you can care for your kids hair style as long as possible.

Regular Trims

No matter how long it is trimming is essential if you want healthy hair which does not split ends; in case of short styles cuts should be performed every four-six weeks in order to preserve the shape.

Proper Care

To keep the hair healthy use child-friendly shampoos and conditioners. For your child’s hair type you might wash less often or use particular detangling products or hydrating agents.

Bedtime Care

When going to bed it is advisable not to let the style get destroyed by tangles or frizzing. A silk pillowcase or tying the hair loosely will help maintain its integrity until morning.


Different climatic conditions affect our hairstyles so we need to be aware of them. Humidity causes frizzy hair while wind destroys delicate styles. The right products and accessories used in your hair can address this problem though.


The process of designing kids hair is all about bringing together innovation and practicality. Whether you’re a hairstylist seeking younger customers or a parent who wants to try out new hairstyles you need to grasp the details of a kid’s hair care for a successful start.

Factors such as hair type level of maintenance required age appropriateness and personal style in addition to the right tools and products will enable you to come up with fantastic looks that make your child look their best. Bear in mind that kids hair style are versatile hence keep on experimenting while focusing on the ultimate aim which is to see each child smiling with their style.

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