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Bulleit Old Fashioned: Timeless and Reimagined

bulleit old fashionedbulleit old fashioned

. This article covers the art of making Bulleit Old Fashioned by giving tips on how to make them and other variations that even newbies and connoisseurs will truly appreciate. The Old Fashioned is not just a cocktail, it’s a story telling medium, narrating its rich history and the undying charm of bourbon which it is made from. Bulleit has managed to take a unique stand in the overcrowded world of bourbons because of its audacious personality as well as its versatility that makes it an excellent choice for creating the ideal Old Fashioned

Bulleit Outskirts Bourbon

Whiskey doesn’t get a lot bolder or spicier than Bulleit Whiskey with its high rye content. With this flavor, coupled with a smooth finish, Bullett becomes an outstanding base for an Old Fashioned, adding complexity and depth to the drink.

Why use Bulleit for an Old Fashioned?

A bad choice of bourbon can ruin an old fashioned.Bullett’s distinctive qualities don’t only match perfectly with traditional ingredients but also enhance them thereby resulting into a well-balanced drink that packs some punch.

Classic Recipe for Bulleit Old Fashioned

It is all about simplicity and accuracy when creating your perfect Bullet O.F.Hence are the steps:

What You Need

2 oz. Bulleit Bourbon

1 sugar cube (or 1/2 tsp thereof)

Few dashes Angostura bitters

Ice cubes

Orange peel and maraschino cherry for garnish…

Preparation Steps

Put sugar cube in an old fashioned glass then saturate with bitters.

Add plain water only few dashes.

Crush until sugar dissolves using sugar muddle, water, and bitters.

Fill glass with big ice cubes, add Bulleit Bourbon, stir gently.

Over the glass express oil of an orange peel and then drop it in with Maraschino cherry.

Serving Tips

Old Fashioned’s beauty lies in its simplicity but how it is presented can change everything. A clear ice sphere or cube is not only stylish but melts slower thereby keeping your drink undiluted, longer.

Variations on Bulleit Old Fashioneds

The essential recipe is a decent spot to begin, however feel free to have a go at a genuinely new thing. The following are a couple of varieties you should pursue your next mixed drink hour:

Smoky Bulleit Old Fashioned

Add some mezcal if you like it smoky or use smoked glasses. The subtle smokiness goes hand in glove with the bourbon’s spiciness.

Sweet and Spicy Bulleit Old Fashioned

Make your simple syrup jalapeno flavored or put cinnamon stick so that both sweet and hot taste will be present in your cocktail.

Right Glassware Matters!

Although the old fashioned glass is commonly used, personal preference may call for different types of glasses. In any case, the choice of glass should heighten the drinking experience both from functional and aesthetic perspectives.

Food Pairing

When having some hearty meals, Bulleit Old Fashioned goes perfectly well with them; such as steaks, barbecues and even dark chocolate dessert. The boldness this bourbon has cuts through the richness level of those food items hence creating harmony.

Old-Fashioned Perfect Tips

Bulleit Old Fashioned is no ordinary cocktail; it’s a taste of life, and also a medium between past and present. With a little effort and some creative thinking, though, you can turn this classic drink into an original signature that will awe your visitors and satisfy your taste buds. So take a bottle of Bulleit Bourbon and get to work. There’s the perfect Old Fashioned waiting to be discovered.


Can I use different bitters?

Yes, try orange or chocolate bitters instead to give your Old fashioned a unique twist.

Is there any sugar in a Bulleit Old Fashioned?

Of course! You could remove the sugar if you want it less sugary or just use artificial sweeteners as substitutes for sugar.

Can I make this drink in a shaker?

It’s best stirred − not shaken − in the glass so that its clarity and texture remain unaltered; however, if you prefer it cold, stir briefly with ice cubes in a shaker then strain into glass.

How can I make several Old Fashioneds at once for my party?

Make up the sugar/bitter mixture ahead of time by multiplying quantities according to number of guests. When ready to serve add bourbon and ice individually stirring each glass.

What is the most suitable way to store my Bulleit Bourbon?

Keep it somewhere cool away from bright light when not using it. After opening, for optimum flavor consume within six months or one year.

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