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Atila Altaunbay: A Life Beyond Grace Jones

By Micheal kors May 11, 2024 #atila altaunbay
Atila AltaunbayAtila Altaunbay


When we hear the name Atila Altaunbay, it’s often in the context of his marriage to the iconic artist Grace Jones. But who is Atila Altaunbay beyond this high-profile relationship? The goal of this article is to dive into the untold story of his life, which comprises his vocation, leisure activities, and what these episodes have meant for the individual he has become. Go along with us as we bring you into the universe of Atila Altaunbay outside the shadow of his renowned ex.wife

Early Life and Career

Born in 1976 in Turkey, Atila Altaunbay grew up in a Turkish Muslim family and spent much of his youth in Belgium. Based on his year of birth, Altaunbay would be approximately 48 years old today. Although there are not many details about his early years, it appears that his childhood and adolescence were mainly in Europe, which likely provided him with a unique blend of cultural experiences.

Before his relationship with Grace Jones, Altaunbay worked in various jobs, even working as a pizza delivery driver in Belgium. However, his imposing physical presence eventually led him to a career as a bodyguard, a role that would eventually connect him with his future wife and the world of entertainment.

Apart from that job, he displayed competence in other dimensions. It is common knowledge that he has an exceptional vocal range that he employed for singing in weddings and other occasions. His love for arts also included some experience in modelling as well as acting but details about them are few.

Marriage to Grace Jones

The relationship between Atila Altaunbay and Grace Jones was one of the most striking and talked-about in the entertainment world due to the significant age and cultural differences. It all began in Belgium, where Altaunbay, then a young bodyguard, caught the attention of the multi-talented artist, and they started dating.

The age difference between them was considerable, with Atila being 27 years younger than Grace. However, despite this difference, Jones proposed to him, and they got married in 1996 in a private ceremony in Rio de Janeiro.

This union also faced significant cultural challenges, as Atila, of Turkish Muslim origin, had to deal with resistance from his family due to his decision to marry outside traditional expectations. As the youngest son in the family, his culture dictated that he couldn’t marry until his older brothers did. By marrying Jones, he defied these norms and, as a result, lost contact with his family.

The couple was very private about their relationship throughout their marriage but being public figures made it difficult for them. They also did not have children together, and it is believed that this might have been a personal choice however the motivations behind the move are not known.

Over time, the relationship began to experience tensions, often motivated by episodes of territorial behavior from Altaunbay. The turning point came in 2004 when, during an argument, he threatened Jones with a knife. This violent incident marked the end of their marriage.

Despite the separation, they never officially divorced because Grace Jones couldn’t locate Atila Altaunbay to complete the legal process.

Life After Grace Jones

There is speculation that he may have gone back to his home country Turkey; though information concerning this is scanty. Others reports suggest that in 2021 he died at 45 years old, though this has not been confirmed yet.

On the other hand, unlike her ex wife who kept up with her public life, the former bodyguard has never attended any public function or had an active presence on social media platforms and other forms of mass media.

It’s worth noting that Altaunbay and Jones never officially divorced because, as stated by Jones in her biography, she couldn’t locate him to finalize the legal process. This situation left his marital status in a legal and emotional gray area that the artist has managed to overcome with the support of her family.

Net Worth

The net worth of Atila Altaunbay is somewhat difficult to determine but it’s been put at around $800,000 by a few sources. This estimate has been arrived at by calculating his earnings while working as a bodyguard and other things he might have earned over the years including music or modeling engagements.

However, we should realise that these are just guesses based on assumptions made because of lack of concrete financial details. After parting ways with his wife, Atila chose to keep everything about his life private; hence, claims about his present financial status can only be speculative.

Grace Jones’ Family

The baby fathered by Jean-Paul Goude is Grace Jones while he is also an extremely famous artist, a French graphic designer, photographer and even a music video director. In the 1980s, Goude was involved in romantic affairs with Jones and their son Paulo Goude was born in 1979.

Jean-Paul Goude has made great contributions to the fashion and art industry, working togetherwith various celebrities including Grace Jones on some of his most memorable visual artworks.

In popular culture Grace Jones who has been very iconic ever since she separated from Atila Altaunbay.


Atila Altaunbay’s life is a man that has had to navigate complex cultural expectations, engage in multiple passions and face the challenges of public life though partly defined by his marriage to Grace Jones.
What little we do know after his divorce points at a character leading divergent lives – from the splendor and pageantries of showbiz to later years he spent away from the limelight.

We are reminded of how intricate stories can be when we look back on Atila Altaunbay’s journey. His episodes symbolize human spirit endurance even as our paths take different directions.

Ultimately, while many queries about Atila Altaunbay remain unanswered, his existence makes for an intriguing chapter in pop culture history, it reminds us that each person is multiplexed and there are other tales beyond fame.

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