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A comprehensive guide to unlock the magic of SSM Smart Square.

ssm smart squaressm smart square

Effective labor force the board is crucial in the present medical services climate. The requirement for consistent booking, exact staffing, and improved asset allotment is developing. With this comes SSM Smart Square, an innovative product aimed at revolutionizing labor management in healthcare organizations.

This blog entry will analyze SSM Brilliant Square, call attention to its fundamental elements, expand on its advantages, and give a few hints on the most proficient method to capitalize on it for your organization.

What Does Ssm Smart Square Do?

SSM Smart Square is cloud-based workforce management and scheduling software made specifically for the healthcare industry. Avantas developed the solution and is a leader in healthcare enterprise labor management. It takes care of the special necessities of medical services suppliers, in this way guaranteeing that you have the right staff perfectly positioned with impeccable timing.

Key Features of SSM Smart Square

Advanced scheduling

SSM Smart Square uses predictive analytics to create great schedules. It guarantees that there are satisfactory specialists in light of patient interest, which prompts over-staffing and under-staffing decreases. The product considers factors like worker accessibility, capabilities, and inclinations to concoct proficient timetables.

Real-time Data and Analytics

The stage gives ongoing information and examination, which empower directors to make speedy, informed choices, including checking staffing patterns and following KPIs. This assists medical services associations with upgrading functional effectiveness while raising the nature of patient consideration advertised.

Automated shift management

Automated shift management simplifies filling open shifts and managing shift swap processes. Representatives can get alarms about accessible moves or solicitation changes through a simple to-utilize interface. Diminishes managerial weight and further develops staff fulfillment via robotizing these errands.

Compliance and Credential Tracking

Compliance with regulatory requirements is key within any healthcare setting. Some of the features included in SSM Smart Square include employee credential tracking systems, certifications, and training to ensure that every employee meets the necessary qualifications and standards.

Mobile Accessibility

With its mobile-friendly design, SSM Smart Square allows employees and managers to access their schedules, make requests, or receive notifications from anywhere. This enhances communication mobility and flexibility for the entire staff.

Integration Capabilities

SSM Smart Square can be integrated with other healthcare information systems, such as EHRs (Electronic Health Records) and payroll systems. It ensures data consistency while helping organizations streamline their processes.

Benefits of Using SSM Smart Square

Improved Staff Utilization

SSM Smart Square helps healthcare organizations achieve optimal staff utilization by aligning staffing levels with patient demand. This decreases labor costs and reduces the risk of burnout within the workforce.

Enhanced Patient Care

Satisfactory staffing levels straightforwardly influence the nature of patient consideration. Hence, with SSM Smart Square, a healthcare provider can have enough qualified workers, leading to better patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Increased Employee Satisfaction

Automated scheduling and shift management give employees more power over their work-life balance. In addition, simple requests for shifts and swaps are fostered in an environment where people are made happy through easy approachability, which increases morale.

Operational Efficiency

Administrators can recognize shortcomings through continuous information and examination, going with informed choices that smooth out activities and work on in general efficiency.

Regulatory Compliance

The feature also aids in supporting compliance by tracking employees’ credentials, thereby ensuring that they meet industry regulations, minimize penalties, and maintain high standards of patient care delivery going forward.

How to make the most of SSM Smart Square

Training and Support Strategy.

Your staff must be fully trained to maximize the potential of SSM Smart Square. Avantas offers training programs and services that help organizations get the most out of this scheduling platform.

Make It Work for You

Employ the software’s customization options to adapt it specifically to your business requirements. For example, you can set up alerts, configure scheduling rules, or customize reports.

Regular Monitoring and Data Analysis

For improvement purposes, monitor data using analytics provided through SSM Smart Square regularly. This helps identify trends in workforce management strategies and prompt adjustments based on them.

Engage Your Employees

Ensure that employees actively participate in the program to benefit from it and improve it later based on their feedback. Such engaged employees are more likely to embrace new technology and processes.

Keep Up With The Best Practices In The Industry

Remain current on late turns of events, patterns, and best practices connected with the medical care labor force the board business by going to clinical meetings, partaking in online classes, or systems administration with peers inside this field.


In the medical services labor force the board field, SSM Splendid Square is a unique advantage; its high level elements, ongoing information capacities, and easy to understand interface make it a priceless device for medical care associations that mean to upgrade proficiency, work on quiet consideration, and guarantee representative fulfillment, in addition to other things, in this manner establishing a helpful work space.

By understanding its key features, leveraging its benefits, and implementing best practices, your organization can unlock SSM Smart Square’s full potential. This future-oriented solution will take your healthcare operation beyond imagination in terms of workforce management, making it a reality instead!

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